Nice article on Unit Test Patterns

Think you know all the patterns in Unit Testing, think again, here are the various Unit Testing Patterns.

Unit Testing Patterns

Pass/Fail Patterns

  • The Simple-Test Pattern
  • The Code-Path Pattern
  • The Parameter-Range Pattern

Data Driven Test Patterns

  • The Simple-Test-Data Pattern
  • The Data-Transformation-Test Pattern

Data Transaction Patterns

  • The Simple-Data-I/O Pattern
  • The Constraint-Data Pattern
  • The Rollback Pattern

Collection Management Patterns

  • The Collection-Order Pattern
  • The Enumeration Pattern
  • The Collection-Constraint Pattern
  • The Collection-Indexing Pattern

Performance Patterns

  • The Performance-Test Pattern

Process Patterns

  • The Process-Sequence Pattern
  • The Process-State Pattern
  • The Process-Rule Pattern

Simulation Patterns

  • Mock-Object Pattern
  • The Service-Simulation Pattern
  • The Bit-Error-Simulation Pattern
  • The Component-Simulation Pattern

Multithreading Patterns

  • The Signalled Pattern
  • The Deadlock-Resolution Pattern

Stress-Test Patterns

  • The Bulk-Data-Stress-Test Pattern
  • The Resource-Stress-Test Pattern
  • The Loading-Test Pattern

Presentation Layer Patterns

  • The View-State Test Pattern
  • The Model-State Test Pattern

Read on at Advanced Unit Testing: Patterns by Marc Clifton

Thanks to the author for this material on Unit Testing.


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