.NET: Using AD to change a users Password and get Password expiry date

1. Add reference to ActiveDS.tlb (still most AD interfaces are in COM)

2. Following is code from a lot of online sites merged/tested together for a complete working solution.

 string path =
 "LDAP://"+"ldapserver"+"/CN="+"username-to-test"+"," + "CN=Users,DC=domain1,DC=main-domain";
 	DirectoryEntry entry = new DirectoryEntry(path, "known-user", "known-password",
 	// Create the Directory search instance.
 	DirectorySearcher search = new DirectorySearcher(entry);
 	// Set the search string. The search is on username.
 	SearchResult result = search.FindOne();
 	// If the username has been found in the LDAP server.	if(null != result)
 		// The result obtained will look like the following:
 		// CN=group1,CN=group2,DC=domain1,DC=main-domain
 		if (result.Properties.Contains("memberof"))
 		//Print the list of members this user belongs to as a test
 		for(int i=0; i

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